Foxborough School Building Committee

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When was the Burrell School originally built


1967, Opened Nov/Dec 1967 Its celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.

Why did the School Building Committee (SBC) decide to renovate the existing building rather than build a new building?


The SBC reviewed numerous design options including building a new building while remaining in the existing building, similar to the Town Hall project. There were a few major issues that the SBC and School Administration had with the new construction option. First, due to limitations of the site, wetlands, ledge and location of neighboring residents the only location to place the new building was directly in front of the current building off Morris Street. The building would have to be irregular in shape and two stories high. A single story building is preferred for elementary grade students if possible and eliminates the issues around stairways and elevators. In addition it would require the total redevelopment of the site including play grounds locating them all in the same area instead of the current allocation by grade level. The current design also has significant benefits with the separate entrances for the pre-kindergarten wing as well as the main school entrance.

The MSBA Design Documents reference an agreed upon enrollment of 270, what does this mean?


The MSBA uses past enrollment statistics, birth rates, new housing construction permits and other statistical data to determine what they refer to as “Certified design enrollment for the proposed project”. This number which is 270 (K-4th) for the Burrell project represents the number of students the MSBA will support as part of the funding for the building project. As of October 1st 2017 the Burrell has 237 kindergarten through 4th graders. In addition the project will support 90 students in the Pre-Kindergarten intervention program. The design enrollment is used by the MSBA in determining number of classrooms as well as funding for classroom furniture and technology.

What is the current cost estimate and what percentage will the MSBA pay?


The current preliminary budget projection is $34.7 million, the approved MSBA Total Facilities Grant is $14,689,542, which does not include any funds for potentially eligible owner's or construction contingency expenditures, this may increase to as much as $15,331,279 if the MSBA determines that any owner's and/or construction contingency expenditures are eligible for reimbursement.

What are the next steps?


On August 22nd the Town's CIP Committee unanimously supported the STM fundng warrant article, the School Committee approved same article on August 27th. The Board of Selectmen and the AdCom our expected to reviiew and vote on the article the first week of September. A special town meeting has been called for on October 1st to seek project funding approval.